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Zeitreise: Wien-Donaustadt

Zeitreise: Wien-Donaustadt

Pünktlich zum Jahreswechsel erscheint von mir im Sutton Verlag ein neuer Bildband mit Aufnahmen aus dem Archiv des Bezirksmuseums und aus privaten Sammlungen.

Salzburger Weihnacht

Salzburg Christmas

This book invites you to rediscover the festive traditions of bygone days – from playing christmas carols with a trumpet from the tower to driving out the winter and the last snow with a whip.

Wiener Straßenleben

Viennese street life

Around 220 historical photographs capture the atmosphere of church celebrations, carnival parades and anniversaries and bring back countless memories.



This impressive illustrated book opens a window into the past of the district and invites you to remember, discover and rediscover.