In the rhytm of Viennese Waltz

In the month of february Vienna`s music and dance tradition is evident. One of the highlights of the carneval season is the famous Opera Ball. Beside this ball with personalities from all over the world, you should not miss other balls, like the maskball of the Rudolfina Redoute, or the famous Bonbon Ball, the ball of the Viennese confectioners. Exactly 150 years ago, in February 1867, the Viennese composer Johann Strauss son, composed the world famous Blue Danube Waltz, which you probably know also from the New years concert of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra in the Golden Hall in der Concert hall of the music society. His golden Statue in the town park and the house, where he composed this waltz is part of my walking tour in the footsteps of the ball and dance tradition in Vienna, as well as the famous palaces and ball locations in the past and today.

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