In the footsteps of the famous Christmas Carol «Holy Night, Silent Night» in Vienna

Follow me to the silent Squares and Palaces of the city, where the first Christmas Tree in 1814 Vienna stood. In these days a Christmas Tree was a protetand Custom, which has been imported from protestant Germany despite the Viennese were mostly catholic and used only a Christmas crib for the feast. I will help you to find a answer to this paradox. Hear my story how the Christmas carol «Holy Night, Silent Night» was composed for the first time in Austria 200 vears ago in 1818. I use my book «Christmas in Vienna» which I wrote in 2012, for all these explanations. Discover with me two large ice rinks and a variety of skating pathways trough the romantic City park. Ice skating was and is a traditional sport of the Viennese in this season. You can attend a bake cours to learn how to bake tradional Austrian ginger-bread, you can listen daily to different bands of trumpeters, and you can enjoy the wonderful electric installations along the squares. I recommend you the best restaurants where you can taste the tipical Christmas food and culinary delicacies.
I wish you a reflective and joyful Christmas and a happy new year.
Karl Zillinger

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