Accompany me to discover the city’s mysteries, the hidden corners, the secret passageways and cellars which are often overlooked, but which document a nearly 2000-year long history. My guided city tours are an experience for all five senses, always with contemporary references.

My guided tours at a glance


City walks

These guided tours which I offer as walking tours or as bike tours show the city’s unknown sides, e.g. signs on facades, fire symbols, hidden frescoes, secret inscriptions as well as many less famous neighborhoods. Anecdotes about the city’s residents – noblemen, bourgeois, workers and immigrants – illustrate Vienna’s multiethnic character.

Architectural guided tours

From excavations of the Roman city of Vindobona, to Romanesque, Gothic, Baroque, Historistic and Modern architecture, Vienna has to offer all sorts of artistic directions. Selected neighborhoods show the architectural variety and the tension between conservation and departure to more contemporary movements. New projects by star architects of international renown like Dominique Perrault, Jean Nouvel or Zaha Hadid round out these guided tours.

Guided art tours

As a certified Austria guide I can show you all the current exhibitions in Vienna’s museums: e.g. the Albertina and its graphic collections, the Art History Museum and the world’s biggest collection of Breughel paintings, the Batliner collection and the Austrian Painting Gallery in Belvedere castle. From Dürer to Schiele, from Flemish to Italian paintings, from the Renaissance times to Classicism – Vienna offers art for every taste.

Musical guided tours

As a musician in two orchestras it matters very much to me to point out Vienna’s long musical tradition, in theory and in practice. As for “genius loci”, the numerous commemoration sites for many musicians’ lives and works are important, but also their music and concert halls: I show you the places in Vienna where composers like Mozart, Beethoven, Haydn, Schubert, Mahler, Strauss and many others lived and worked.

Day trips & longer trips

Vienna was an imperial city and the capital of an Eastern and Middle European multi-ethnic empire. Therefore, since 1997, I have been organizing day trips and longer trips for my guests to the surroundings of Vienna, near and far. Close to Vienna, I show castles and monasteries in the Vienna Woods, take boat trips with my guests to the Wachau World Cultural Heritage site or go by train to the Semmering World Cultural Heritage site with its palaces of the high aristocracy from 1900. I also organize day trips to Salzburg, Prague and Budapest.