Christmas and New Year in Vienna

CHRISTMAS IN VIENNA, what a wonderful season in Vienna. This year vou can visit more then twenty Christmas markets in the city. I show you the best places to taste the Viennese culinary specialities and we discover the Christmas customs of the Viennese people. Follow me on the walking tour "Viennese Christmas and its customs" and I show you the palace of the 18th century, where the first Christmas tree in Vienna stood in 1815 and how our Christmas customs started 200 years ago. After Christmas begin already the preparations for the New Year feast. On my walking tour "Secret corridors on the Silvester Path and its customs" I show you narrow streets, dance floors and restaurants, where the Viennese celebrate their New Year customs and wish each other Good Luck 2017. Follow me on my "Good-luck tour 2017" on december 29th and I am sure you will start the New Year with the best feelings and emotions and you will have Good-luck indeed.

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