After graduating as an officer from the Theresian Military Academy, I studied history, political sciences and Romanic languages at the University of Vienna. Then I worked in museums (e.g. the Albertina) and other cultural institutions as well as the abbeys of Melk and Klosterneuburg. Another activity was the organization of study trips in Austria and abroad. Since completing my studies at the School of Education, I have done many guided tours with pupils and students. As a historian, certified Austria Guide, teacher, author of several books, vintner, musician and reserve officer I offer guided tours for all five senses.

Cultural commitment


It is very important to me to preserve the cultural heritage of my home town Vienna. As chairman of the cultural association Team 21 I have been trying for more than 20 years to preserve buildings and cultural monuments with the help of local initiatives. One of these projects is the Beethoven Path in Vienna-Floridsdorf which was established in 2007. Every year we commemorate the work of Ludwig van Beethoven by organizing readings, concerts, theatre performances and a special “Culture and Indulgence” hiking event. Thereby we pay tribute to the composer’s life in Vienna’s only Beethoven memorial which would otherwise be let go to ruin.


Books and DVDs

Here you find a selection of my books and DVDs.

Wien-Donaustadt (Vienna Donaustadt) (2009)

"Vienna-Donaustadt is the youngest, but largest Viennese district and one of the most important city expansion zones. Where you could still see vegetable and grain fields 100 years ago, there are now modern residential and office buildings. In no other district you find tradition and modernity so close to each other. With the Old Danube and the Danube Island, the district also offers one of the biggest European recreational areas in the middle of a metropolis.

The historian and certified Austria Guide Karl Zillinger documents, with about 200 mostly unpublished photographs, aerial images, greeting cards and plans from the archives of the district museum in Donaustadt, the daily lives of the inhabitants of the 22nd district as well as the fascinating changes which Donaustadt has undergone in the last 100 years."

Karl Zillinger (2009): Wien-Donaustadt (=Reihe Archivbilder Wien).

ISBN: 978-3-86680-451-7
96 pages, 106 pictures (black and white)
€ 18,90 in book stores or at editions Suttonverlag

Wiener Strassenleben (Viennese street life) (2011)

"With about 220 picture postcards and photographs – most of them previously unpublished – from the private archives of Werner Grand, the Viennese historian and certified Austria Guide Karl Zillinger documents the public life in the Austrian capital between 1890 and 1960. Street scenes with typical Viennese people, imperial processions, military parades and religious festivities are depicted here as well as commercial parades, political marches, cultural jubilees or carnival processions and flower parades.

This book invites the readers to a nostalgic stroll through the animated streets of Vienna where people have always loved to saunter, strut and celebrate, but also to demonstrate and agitate."

Karl Zillinger, Werner Grand (2011): Wiener Strassenleben (=Reihe Archivbilder Wien), 1. Auflage.

ISBN: 978-3-86680-791-4
128 pages, 200 pictures (black and white)
€ 19,95 in book stores or at editions Suttonverlag

Salzburger Weihnacht (2013)

Karl Zillinger (2013): Salzburger Weihnacht.

ISBN: 978-3-95400-206-1
192 pages, 40 pictures (black and white)
€ 9,99 in book stores or at editions Suttonverlag

Wiener Weihnacht (Viennese Christmas) (2012)

"Christmas is a holiday full of emotions, memories, traditions and customs which the Viennese population celebrates with its very own characteristics. In a big city like Vienna you find not only local customs and conventions, but also international influences. Christmas traditions, recipes, toys, legends, fairy tales and poems show the European dimension of Viennese Christmas which has slowly developed in the course of 200 years, from the festivities in the Biedermeier period to the holiday we know today. The traditions and habits of the imperial family, of the noble families and of bourgeois society played a key role in this evolution.

The Viennese historian and certified Austria Guide Karl Zillinger has hand-picked the most beautiful and famous Viennese advent and Christmas customs for this book which is richly illustrated with photos and picture postcards"

Karl Zillinger (2012): Wiener Weihnacht, 1. Auflage.

ISBN: 978-3-95400-077-7
192 pages, 40 pictures (black and white)
€ 9,99 in book stores (out of store)

7. Beethoven Kultur- und Wandertag 2013 in Wien-Floridsdorf  (DVD)

Karl Zillinger (2013): 7. Beethoven Kultur- und Wandertag in Wien-Floridsdorf (DVD)

€ 14,90 order here

5. Beethoven Kultur- & Genuss -Wandertag 2011 (5th Beethoven Culture and Indulgence hiking event 2011) (DVD)

"In 2011 the motto was „Beethoven and his lovers“. 200 years ago Beethoven made one of this last tries to get married, but again he didn’t have the good fortune to tie the knot. His marriage proposal to his piano student Therese Malfatti was brusquely rejected by her father. One year later Beethoven wrote the letter to his Immortal Beloved.

The DVD features a theatre performance about this subject. In a monologue Beethoven’s love life is shown from a woman’s point of view who is played by an actress from the Viennese “Theater in der Josefstadt”. Of course the DVD also contains Ludwig van Beethoven’s music in the form of concerts in the district museum and the Beethoven memorial."

Karl Zillinger (2011): 5. Beethoven Kultur- & Genuss -Wandertag (DVD)

€ 14,90 order here

4. Beethoven Kultur- und Wandertag 2010 in Wien-Floridsdorf  (DVD)

Karl Zillinger (2010): 4. Beethoven Kultur- und Wandertag in Wien-Floridsdorf (DVD)

€ 14,90 order here

3. Beethoven Kultur- und Wandertag 2009 (3rd Beethoven Culture and Indulgence hiking event 2009) (DVD)

"2009 was a commemoration year: 200 years ago the first skirmishes between French troops under Napoleon and Austrian soldiers took place in Floridsdorf, in the area of Schwarzlackenau.

The DVD features a historical reenactment of the battle in Schwarzlackenau and an introduction to this subject. Two plays which were written for this commemoration, “Die Schlacht” (“The Battle”) and “Beethoven und Napoleon 1809” explore, together with compositions from the era, the relationship between Napoleon and Ludwig van Beethoven in the light of these events."

Karl Zillinger (2009): 3. Beethoven Kultur- & Genuss -Wandertag (DVD)

€ 14,90 order here